Kia Says Goodbye to the Stinger With the Tribute Edition

Photo: KiaIt’s the end of the line for the Kia Stinger. If you want to buy a new one, get it now because very soon, your only option will be to buy a used one. And to celebrate the Stinger going out of production, Kia has announced the limited-edition Stinger Tribute Edition. To differentiate the Tribute Edition from the regular Stinger GT, Kia introduced a new color called Moonscape matte gray, but it can also be ordered in Ascot Green. The mirrors are finished in black, as are the brake calipers and 19-inch wheels. Inside, you get brown leather and a lot of fake carbon fiber. Photo: KiaThe headrests also have a “newly introduced wasp-shaped emblem” embedded in them, which Kia conveniently did not provide a photo of in the press release. But he did make sure to explain that the emblem “simultaneously denotes the car’s name and signifies the razor-sharp response of its potent 3.3-liter twin-turbocharged V6 gasoline engine.” And since this is a limited edition, you get a numbered plate on the doorsill to show off which one of the 1,000 Stinger Tribute Editions you own. No other power or performance changes were made to the car, and there’s also no word on pricing. Considering the state of the new car market these days, though, it’s probably “whatever each dealer thinks it can get away with charging.”Photo: KiaThere won’t be a direct successor to the Stinger, but according to Kia, its spirit will live on in the EV6 GT: As we enter a new age of mobility, Kia will satisfy the needs of customers who seek to enjoy elevated levels of dynamic driving pleasure through high-performance electrified models such as the EV6 GT. And the brand’s strategy to continue accelerating the development of innovative electrification technologies will ensure that sustainability and strong performance combine effortlessly under the Kia badge. We’ve been big fans of the Stinger over the years, and we’re sad to see it go. The news certainly isn’t surprising, but it’s still disappointing that the Stinger only ever existed for a single generation. It’s such an enjoyable, practical daily driver. Then again, the EV6 GT has 576 hp and 545 lb-ft of torque and can hit 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, which makes the announcement sting a little less.

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