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Where Quicken excels is its ease of use. It’s easy to generate all kinds of reports about your business, from banking to spending to net worth. It also lets you split receipts across multiple spending categories—so if you did some personal and business shopping on the same trip, you can separate these expenses easily. These features can help keep your cash flow organized so you can see where your money is going. While Quicken offers four different subscription packages for users, the Home & Business package is likely to be the one most relevant for entrepreneurs. Most of the others focus solely on personal finances. Unlike some other accounting software, you pay for Quicken on an annual basis. Here’s how the fees for Quicken break down, including the 10% discount on some packages for the first year: Quicken Starter: $41.88 per year Quicken Deluxe: $44.88 for the first year, then $59.88 afterward Quicken Premier: $71.88 for the first year, then $83.88 afterward Quicken Home & Business: $107.88 for the first year, then $119.88 afterward Bill tracking is included in all packages, but you’ll just have access to bill pay in the Premier and Business & Home packages. This connects you to more than 11,500 digital network billers, helping you save time and hassle. If you like the sound of paying all of your bills in one place, you can upgrade for $9.95 a month with one of the other two packages. The Home & Business package also includes some interesting business and rental property features, which make it easy to invest in properties and track tenants. This package also has robust tax planning features that can help you with Schedules A, B, C and E.

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