Tax Breaks: What are the strangest tax deductions taxpayers have taken?

Nobody likes to pay taxes, that’s a fact that is hard to argue against, although contributions, in theory, serve to improve living conditions as a society, if we were given the choice between complying or being exempt from that obligation as citizens, the vast Majority of us, if not all, would choose the second option. That said there are ways to reduce our tax burden, the law gives us the option to claim tax deductions for various reasons depending on our professional activity or our living conditions, the most traditional ones are surely donations, gasoline, among others.However, surfing the Internet we found a very interesting article by Joy Taylor of Kiplinger where our 15 incredible stories of taxpayers who achieved accepted deductions for concepts that most of us would even remotely take as items that could have that function. Here are three of the most interesting:Donations to a very particular cultMany of us have heard of deductions for donations to churches, however, this case speaks to another type of worship, even considered contrary to many people.As of 2019, the IRS ruled that donations to the Satanic Temple in Salem, Massachusetts are subject to tax deduction, so if you are interested you can join the cause. Deductions for raising feral cats This case involved a woman who shelled out a hefty amount of her own money, about $12,000, to raise feral cats.This charitable action was done in order to support a charitable organization whose specialty was the spaying and neutering of feral cats. The expenses were diverse, being for veterinary concepts, food, among others. The IRS accepted the deduction. Free beer when filling up the gas tank There are usually extraordinary cases and this one. The owner of a gas station had the brilliant idea of ​​a promotion that worked brilliantly: if his customers filled up their gas tank in his establishment, there was a free jar of beer. The promotion worked wonders and increased his sales, but not only that , he was also able to prove that what he spent to buy the beer counted as a business expense, a brilliant idea.

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