IRS TIN Matching: How long does it take to get a TIN match from the IRS?

Being a taxpayer in the United States of America is not an easy thing to keep track of, yet there are handy online tools that are available to assist citizens. The On-Line Taxpayer Identification Number Matching Program is a free web-based tool offered by the IRS, and was established for payers of reportable payments that were subject to the backup withholding provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. What this essentially means is that a US taxpayer is allowed to check the TIN generated by the payee against the TIN combination contained in the IRS database before filing their tax return. How long does it take to receive a TIN match? The web-service offers taxpayers two distinct options through the TIN system. First, there is Interactive TIN Matching: which verifies up to 25 different name/TIN combinations and the results will be received instantly. In this case there is a limit to 999 requests during a 24-hour period. The second is known as Bulk TIN Matching: This is essentially the first step but on an industrial scale. It allows a user to verify up to 100,000 different name/TIN combinations and the results will be received within 24 hours. Users are welcome to utilize this service, however it is imperative that they register for an online e-services account before hand. How can you register? Registration is a simple process in this case, no different to making a YouTube account to keep up to date with the popular culture of the day. You merely have to visit the e-services registration home page and fill out the provided registration form. Once this is completed you will be able to gain instant access to both of the aforementioned TIN matching tools.

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